Monday, August 15, 2005

Home Studies -- ARRGH!

So now that we have chosen our adoption agency and "committed" by sending an application and, more importantly, money we are trying to find a good home study provider that we can use for the adoption. We are not going to be able to use the agency that we chose, since they are in Seattle, WA and we are in California... I am sure you see the dilemma. So we have looked into a couple and I spoke to a wonderful woman named Kathy B. today on the phone from Partners for Adoption. They have a really nicely designed web site. I know that does not mean much as far as the HS process goes, but since I am web programmer by trade, I notice these things. I will also generally overlook a agency that has a poor web site. Anyway, I requested a pack of information from thier site and less then an hour later my phone was ringing. (Also very impressive). She answered a lot of the lingering questions on my mind - dogs, health, religon, remodeling the house, etc. Also she was just very very nice. They are a bit more expensive then I had figured on - about double - but I imagine that is how this whole process will be. If you think your going to pay 1,000 for something, plan on it being 2,000. I am going to wait to decide on any particular agency until I have been assigned a case worker through the agency and discuss with them what my options are, and what they would expect and what they suggest. I think that webster should redefine adoption -- All consuming. -- Stephen


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