Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's all a little more real

Tonight Laura and I watched a National Geographic special called "The Lost Girls". WOW. It was really cool. I am probably going to watch it again. The documentary follows a family on their adoption trip to China. You see the orphanages and they talk about why the children are abandoned. You get to see the families "gotcha day". That was really neat. It took a lot of mysticism away from the process. I think that I have always thought that I would see my daughter and I would pick her up and she would instantly love me as much as I love her. (I am not really that niave, but it seems to be the picture that stayed in my head). In the show though, they hand the baby over and the baby is screaming, and really doesn't know what is going on. Oddly, You would think that that would make it more scary, but a few minutes later in the documentary they showed the family again and the baby was in a carrier and fast asleep on the dad's chest. I like my mental picture better, BUT it made it more real to me to see what it is really like. I like real more then I like fantasy... Anyway - it was a great documentary, and I am really glad that we watched it. If you are in the process or even thinking about it, I HIGHLY suggest that you view this documentary. -- Stephen


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