Thursday, August 11, 2005

Just a Thought

Well I'm finally posting something. As Stephen said I am new at this so please hang in there with me. On the adoption, like Stephen said we had talked about adoption but I never thought we would be going through the process. I've been reading a lot from people who have been through the process. I think I know what to expect in actually getting a child but I find the idea of getting all the right papers is what I find daunting. To add to Stephen's comment on why there are so many children in the orphanages. I was reading one website that mentioned the fact that these children are in orphanages shows that their mothers loved them. If the child is their 2nd child and the government finds out about the pregnancy they can force the woman to have an abortion. It is also illegal to abandon a child. So a woman is risking a lot to save her baby. A lot of these woman are no different then woman here. They love their children. Women here leave their child in a garbage dumpster but that doesn't mean that every woman in this country does not love her children. So all countries have the same problems. Laura


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