Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Learning Process

There is so much to learn about the adoption process. Just when I think I know what to expect, I read an experience that someone else had that shoots down what I was thinking. I am pretty sure that I will learn something next each step of the process. There is a lot of great information out there though. I thought I would post up a couple of links for everyone to check out. China Adoption Forums. - This is a site put together by Mark - Mark adopted a little cutie named Kaylee. Now has a great forum for prospective adopting parents to discuss the processes. also - check out his own adoption story -- His Adoption Blog The Adoption Forums at have also been a great resource. The agency that we are going to be using for our adoption has a GREAT web site, which is one of the reasons we chose to go through them. Americans Adopting Orphans They have a F.A.Q. that can answer most of the daunting questions that you have when you are starting the process. I just realized that all my other bookmarks are on my computer at the office, so I guess that is all I will post on this tonight. This weekend we pretty much opened the can to all our friends. We had told a few people and of course, there is always one or two that start the ball rolling. Now we have people coming up and asking us about it. It is great thought because they are all so supportive and happy for us. We are finding out how many of are friends have also thought about adoption as well. We have this friend of ours, he is a 75 year old chinese man, doesn't speak a word of english. Our chinese is still pretty limited but we can have small conversations with him. I was able to tell him in chinese that we were going to adopt. I didn't know if he would understand, but as soon as i said it his face lit up and he starting bouncing up and down and hugged us. He asked if we were going to adopt a girl or a boy. Where we were going to adopt from in China. He was so happy. I think his reaction was my favorite from all the people that we have told. I will have to try and find a picture of him, he is great... I find that every day that goes by I get more and more excited about the coming process. I know it is going to be hard, but I think that we will really be able to take a hard look at ourselves and get a good look at who the Johnson's really are. :-o We are still searching for a home study provider, so if you have any experience with one in the Southern California, specifically the LA County area, please let me know about your experience. You can just post it as a comment if you want. -- Stephen


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