Thursday, August 11, 2005

So many new terms to learn

Being in the computer profession I am very used to the idea of Acronyms and Terms that mean nothing to people outside the profession, now I am realizing that I have to learn a whole new set to be able to read through the information that I find online. So here is a short list of the ones that I have run into and learned ... CCAA = Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs. This is the organization in China that handles the adoption process within China and referres waiting children to waiting parents. Your Dossier is submitted to these people. DTC = Dossier To China. This is a big step in the process. When you get here it means most of your stateside work is done. (Home Study, paper chasing, etc etc.) Now your dossier is sent to China and you wait and wait and wait. DOA = Date of Adoption. This one really confused me, and I must admit frightened me a little. :) SN = Special Needs. Children who are special needs have a physical or emotional problem that will require more time and effort. I.E. Downs Syndrome, Retardation, Deformities, Emotional abuse. Parents who are willing to take on a SN child will have the adoption process expedited. SW = Social Worker. HS = Home Study. This is where your life is put under a microscope by a SW to determine if you will make good parents and if the whole adoption thing is really for you. DOT = Date of Travel. LID = Log In Date. This is the date that the CCAA has officially logged in your dossier. From here you wait for your referral. I171H = Notice of Favorable Determination Concerning Adoption for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition. Obviously a government thing which basically US federal approval to adopt foreign-born child. This must be obtained before you can submit a dossier to China. Once you obtain one it is valid for 18 months and you must complete your adoption within that validity period. If you do not complete within that period then you have start over. USCIS = US Customs and Immigration Services. These are the people who play the role of the CCAA on the American side of things. They will handle the citizenship of your child and other issues related to bringing your baby home. WC = Waiting Child. These are all the thousands of babies and older children who are waiting for a forever family. Gotcha Date = The day your baby and you are united. This is the day every one looks for. There are A LOT more, but I can not think of them right now. I will try to be aware when I use one on a post to explain what it means. -- Stephen


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