Thursday, August 11, 2005

To Tell or Not To Tell

This has been the question of the week .... Do we tell our friends and family that we are starting the process of adoption? We have been figuring that we would wait until we got our referral, then we had something real to share with everyone. Of course, then we got to thinking that we would need a few letters of reference for the HS part of the process, so we were going to have to tell a few people. So we have. That got me thinking today though, what if my parents find out from someone else -- or god forbid stumble across this blog... That would suck. So I told my parents today. That was scary. They reacted better then I thought they would which made it easier. Before we started this, I came to grips with the fact that they may not be completely thrilled and that I wasn't going to let that sway our decision. I knew that they would be supportive, eventually, since they always have been. In a way, I am glad we made the decision to tell them, that way we can get all the weirdness out of the way before we really start getting into all the facets of this process. Laura told her mom and her sister today too. They both seemed... happy. I am not sure what I expected from anyone that we told. Pretty much what I got. Mixed reaction, concern over our "need to have our own children", and my favorite question of the day - "Will I ever get a real grandchild?". I know that when we get off the plane from China with our new daughter, that they will be there at LAX, waiting for us, and happy to have thier very first REAL granddaughter home. I think the reaction is mixed, because people don't really see the reality of everything yet.. I mean we don't even see it yet. We know that we are committed to making this happen, but really at this point, nothing has happened. Other then the decisions that have been made over the last month, nothing has really changed. We don't have a pink or purple or blue, or whatever color, line to look at on a pregnancy test, or a little heartbeat to listen to at the doctor's office, no sonogram pictures, no doctor's appt at all. We have an application, filled out, and a check for 100.00 dolllars in a envelope ready to mail. Tomorrow, we mail the application to the Adoption agency -- it will be a good day. -- Stephen


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