Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bring on the Home Study

The application for the Home Study went out today with a check for 200.00 dollars.. Although these last couple of weeks have been all about the home study, it still seems strange that we are actually going to be doing it. We have been waiting to start eh home study, mostly because of the cost involved. The Application fee is 200.00 but once they send the retainer contract we have to send 2400.00 back with that. WHEW! We figured that my bonus this year would cover the HS. It might have too, had the government not bent me over the proverbial "tax table". After all was said and done, my bonus was sadly deficient to proceed. We also had to use some of the bonus money for some other stuff. Anyway, we need to get another 1000.00 together to have the full HS fee. I am currently calling all my past due clients to get the money together. So if any of my clients are reading this and you owe me money on an open invoice -- break out the check book. It has been a busy couple of weeks though. We got the living room repainted since we wanted to have a more "airy" feel in there. We went from steel gray walls to a celery crisp green. Whatever that means. Can't they just say light green. I suppose that doesn't really describe it though. I really didn't think I would like the color, but I really do. I also feel inspired to get more green plants in the living room. Not sure how long they will live though. :) I need to post some pics of the house in the photo blog -- no I haven't forgotten about that area, I promise I will get on that and get some pics up. We also bought a dining room table for our extremely small dining area. I personally would prefer to leave it open, but I think it will help our Home Study if the house actually looks like we have a normal setup. I guess Dining room tables are "normal". I also bought a fire extinguisher for the kitchen. I think I am going to be going through the whole house this week with a "Safety" mindset. What can I do to make the house safe for kids. I will be picking up some latches for all the drawers and cabinets, getting those cool little covers for the outlets - even though we use most of the outlets for my various techno gadgets. Due to our shortage in funds, we are going to have to postpone ordering our "instruction pack" from the adoption agency. That is step 1 for them, but I think that getting the Home Study started is more important at this juncture. Well, back to the autobiography which we are still not finished with !!!! -- Stephen

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Autobiographies -- hmmm.

Laura and I are working on our autobiographies. This is an interesting exploration into our lives. We are getting ready to do our home study, probably in October, and the SW sent us an autobiography questionaire to do befoer we start the HS since that will save some time. As I go through this, I am surprised at how difficult it is. I am an experienced blogger that has spent many hours putting down in words how I feel about this and that, how it affects my life, what impact it has on my thinking. Yet, as I work on this autobiography, it seems much harder. I think that some of it has to do with the fact that when I blog, people may or may not read it. If it is read, I am not all that concerned with what people think about it. This is very very different though. I am exploring my childhood and things that happened to me as a chiild, teen, adult and how they shaped my thinking and someone who will have a big part in our ability to adopt is going to be reading it. What she reads, and how she interprets what is said, will have a role in how she views us. I keep telling myself that I am reading too much into what they are going to do with this thing. Anyone else go through this??? Anyway - back to my childhood. :) -- Stephen

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Contracts and stuff

The contracts have been read and signed. We filled out all the other paperwork that the adoption agency sent. We got a fed-ex account. The agency recommended that so we could expedite all the paperwork - both ways. We have rustled up 700.00 for the adoption agency program fee. Everything is all ready to be packed up in a fed-ex envelope and will be put in the box on Tuesday. Wednesday morning they will all arrive at the agency. By this time next week, we should be "officially" in the program and the ball will be rolling. I have also sent in a request for our marriage license. The nice, actually very nice, woman from the Lyon County courthouse was most helpful in getting that process going. Most everywhere i looked online required that we notarize the request, but she told me to put it to her attention and no notary would be required. I guess request made direct the courthouse do not require notary. At least that saves us 20.00. The request for the birth certificates will not be so easy though. Vital Check is where we are ordering them from, and of course they require notary. I believe, since 9/11, all birth certificate request require that now. I believe that the paper pregnancy has officially begun. Am I showing? :) -- Stephen