Thursday, September 15, 2005

Autobiographies -- hmmm.

Laura and I are working on our autobiographies. This is an interesting exploration into our lives. We are getting ready to do our home study, probably in October, and the SW sent us an autobiography questionaire to do befoer we start the HS since that will save some time. As I go through this, I am surprised at how difficult it is. I am an experienced blogger that has spent many hours putting down in words how I feel about this and that, how it affects my life, what impact it has on my thinking. Yet, as I work on this autobiography, it seems much harder. I think that some of it has to do with the fact that when I blog, people may or may not read it. If it is read, I am not all that concerned with what people think about it. This is very very different though. I am exploring my childhood and things that happened to me as a chiild, teen, adult and how they shaped my thinking and someone who will have a big part in our ability to adopt is going to be reading it. What she reads, and how she interprets what is said, will have a role in how she views us. I keep telling myself that I am reading too much into what they are going to do with this thing. Anyone else go through this??? Anyway - back to my childhood. :) -- Stephen


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