Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Babies, toddlers and pre-teens - OH MY!

So, we got a taste of parenting the other night. We have some close friends that have 5 kids - 5 great kids. Ages 10, 8, 6, 3, and 13 months (i think). 4 boys and the baby girl. I love these kids - I always tell Laura that if we could be gauranteed a kid as cute as any of these guys, I would be the first one on board to have a bio kid. Anyway, having that many kids means that you are ALWAYS dealing with some sort of virus, or injury, or massive all consuming school project, and for Scott and Angie, the last few weeks have been even worse. Sadie, the baby, had an infection in her foot and spent 5 days in the hospital, meanwhile the boys were dispersed among family. The oldest boy ended up getting sick during that time as well. So suffice to say that they were ragged by the end of the experience. So Laura and I wanted to give them a night to themselves. So, all five, and of course I think that the baby and the toddler count as two a piece.:) We went to thier house and spent the evening. It was SO MUCH FUN! WE played video games and rough housed and I felt like a kid again. Sadie, who usually won't have me near her, was following me around while Seth rode on my back. I even got her to go to sleep while I rocked her. I let Laura take care of the dirty diaper thing though. It was fun - and a lot easier then I thought it would be, of course it was just for a few hours, one night. And I slept like a baby that night. I didn't realize that I was so tired. They are great kids though. Getting ready for the full-time position.... -- Stephen


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