Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Home Study continues....

We have a social worker assigned to us - we have not heard from her yet, but it has only been a few days so I am not overly worried yet. Her name is Christi. Kathy told us she is very laid back and experienced, so that made me feel a little better. So far for the home study - we have : 1. my voe (verification of employment) 2. birth certificates and marriage license 3. We have chosen the people that will write our reference letters. WE are still waiting for those to come back -- get on it you guys -- you know who you are. :) 4. I have completed my Autobiography, Laura is still working on hers. 5. I am in process of pulling my financial records together, which is, well .... embarrassing. 6. We have completed our medical exams and on Thursday will have all the lab work back and all medical paperwork filled out. 7. Thursday we also have our appointment to be fingerprinted. This is not the main fingerprinting for the i-600A, this is the state required livescan fingerprinting. But in the immortal words of Willy Wonka "So much time so little to do - wait - strike that, reverse it". -- Stephen


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