Thursday, November 24, 2005

December 2nd -- coming soon.......

On December 2nd, we have our final Home Study visit -- the dreaded "come to the house" visit. I am not too concerned about it, but of course there is a biut of nervousness surrounding the event. Christi seems very nice though and I know that she will work hard to help us get through it as painlessly as possible. I just got back from a 10 day business/personal trip in Chicago, IL and Blue Earth, MN. The personal part was 4 days in Blue Earth seeing old friends. It was a very very long trip, but nice to see old friends again, and even relaxing -- at least while I was in MN. Anyway - we also got our document gathering kit from the Agency this week, A LOT of stuff needed. More on the medical front, all the certs showing we were born and married, and of course enough financial documents too sink a ship. Moving forward .... ever slowly pressing on. :) -- Stephen


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