Thursday, November 10, 2005

Home Study - Round One

Complete... Wednesday at 1 p.m. we arrived in Lake Forest. That is about 45 minutes south of us. This was the office the social worker that we were meeting with... Cristi. We had sent an email a day or so before to confirm the appointment and had heard nothing back, so we were a little concerned that maybe she would be a no-show. Even when we got into the waiting room we were a few minutes early so no one was there from lunch yet. So we sat and waited.... getting more and more nervous. I told Laura "We are probably being watch via video to see how we interact". I was half-joking. Cristi arrived though and we went into for the interview. 2 and a half hours -- WHEW!. It was good though. Cristi is VERY nice. It was easy to talk to her and we went through so much information about our childhoods, our relationships with our family, Laura and I's relationship. It was a lot. I was tired when we were done, but very relieved that it was over. Anyway - she sent us a very nice email about the visit afterwards, she said that she thinks that we will make good parents and is looking forward to writing a us a good home study. YEAH!!!! It gets more and more real everyday.... -- Stephen


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