Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We've gone public....

Yep - our blog is now open to the public. Nothing has really changed. I just wanted to make sure that our blog didn't seem like a pay only type of thing. While it is true that we are accepting gifts, we never intended that our blog be a pay only read. We want to share the experience with everyone. We allowed anyone to sign up and read the blog and the gift was optional, but I was afraid that people would have the view that they had to give us money to read the blog. So -- now you can read away. We would still love to hear from you if you are reading our blog, and we love to know who you are... So.. if you want : sign up here. This is still required if you want to see our photo blog, which I KNOW I haven't updated recently. I am working on it. :) Also -- we still could use your graciousness. :) So if your feeling a giving mood coming on go here : Give a Gift. To all of you who have signed up, we are glad to have had you along for the ride so far. And for those of you who have given to our cause, words can not express our gratitude. We still have a LONG road to go, and we will have lots more to tell you all, so keep coming back as often as you can. Thanks Stephen & Laura.


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