Friday, December 02, 2005


That was a loud sigh of relief that you heard around 2:30 PST time today. We had our final HS visit -- yep, you know which one I mean. The one where they come into your house after you just got done spending 3 days cleaning and 5 hours of super fast deep cleaning just before the SW comes into the house so you can say "Excuse the mess, we've just been so busy". Well our SW was just great, and she was very inintrusive. She simply focused on the list of "requirements" for the house - Fire Extinguishers, Smoke detector, No Firearms, No pools. Not to say that firearms and pools are forbidden, they just make for a more interesting visit. We talked for about an hour about follow-up stuff from the first interview and that was it. It was so much easier then I thought. And to think ... I spent the last 4 months stressing over an hour and half that was actually more like conversing with a new friend then anything else. Milestone completed -- next step on the way.


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