Thursday, April 27, 2006

Authentication ... off to Sacramento

So. We have sent our dossier papers up to the agency and they said they all look great.. Woo hooo. We had to make a couple of minor adjustments, which have been done, so we are full force in to the authentication process. I sent our Marriage License off to SoS in Minnesota and the nice folk (all people in Minnesota should be referred to as folk) told me that they will try and get it done this week and fedex back to us. How nice... :) We decided to drive to Sacramento on Monday - about 400 miles - to walk the docs into the SoS office here to cover all the rest of our documents for California. The turn around time is like 2 weeks to 6 weeks if you mail them in, and I just figure, we both need to get away for a few days and if they will do it while we wait, we could likely have all our authenticated documents ready to go the consulate on Wednesday next week... WOOOOO HOOOO. Then we can walk everything into the LA Chinese consulate and let them do thier thing and if everything works out, we might be able to get this thing sent out in May. Shocking.... It is all coming together and getting more and more real.


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