Friday, May 12, 2006

Almost DTC.... and a new look

Ok - DTC - that means Dossier to China. That is the point when all the documents that we have spent the last 6 months compiling, notarizing, authenticating and certifiying are all compiled and sent to China. A couple of weeks after, or so, that we will be LID. That means Log In Date. That is the date that the CCAA relays back to our Agency that our Dossier has been received and is in line for processing. Now, before you ask, no we will not have a baby next week. Current referral wait times are at 11 months and climbing. Odds are that we will not travel until next June or July 2007. This is OK though. We have waited 13 years, one more is not too big a deal. It also gives us time to get our life back in order before the baby comes. Paperchasing is all consuming and EXTREMELY costly. Now we will have the time and money to get the baby's room ready, the floors in the house finished, and the backyard completed. All tasks which have been started but are languishing right now. Now the blog. As you can see. I have given the blog a new look. The orange was really starting to get on my nerves. Also, we are no longer providing links for people to donate to the adoption. We SINCERELY appreciate all the help we received over the past several months, and now that we are about done with the paperchase, we are not really in need of any money. Thanks again though, to everyone who gave us your support, both emotionally and financially. We will never be able to truly thank you enough. Another addition is that the photo blog is now also open to the public. So go have a look at our various pics that we have up. I will try to add more later. So, Currently we have documents at the Chicago and San Francisco Chinese Consulates, and Monday I will be driving up to the LA consulate to drop off the remainder of our documents. A couple of weeks after that we will be putting everything into a big FedEx box and sending it off to AAO for them to translate and send off. Projected DTC date: June 15.... here's hoping..


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