Thursday, May 25, 2006

San Francisco in da house....

Our fine Chinese friends from the San Francisco consulate have pulled through for us. Laura's BC had to be sent up there since she was born up in Northern California. Sent, processed and received in 5 days... :) Very cool. Now - LA. The Los Angeles Consulate. You, my friend, get all the rest of our documents. They were delivered on the 24th of May via USPS. We had to wait since this was more costly then the others and a client, who shall remain nameless, decided not to pay me this month, so now that we finally have that worked out.. LA, like your collegues in San Francisco and Chicago, I trust that you will excercise the same effeciency and precipitateness that I have come to know and love from the consulate offices. So - it is very possible that by May 31st, or June 1st our documents will be back in our hands with very nice looking Chinese Authentication paper stapled to them - DON'T TOUCH THE STAPLES. Then we can FedEx everything up to AAO. AAO sends out dossiers on the 15th and the 1st (I think), so it is VERY VERY likely we will have a DTC date of June 15th. If that holds true we should have a LID of June 26 or so... From the LID date we begin the countdown to referral, which is now officially running 12 months. Hopefully that will speed up, but if not, it is OK -- we are willing to wait as long as we have too.


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