Friday, June 02, 2006

I Love LA!!!

We have all the documents back from the Los Angeles Consulate. 5 days!! With a holiday in there and shipping it USPS.... WOOO HOOO!!!! Only thing that concerns me is that they did not staple they used adhesive to affix it to the back of the Secretary of State document.... So I could not copy any of the documents. We are told over and over "DO NOT TOUCH THE STAPLES!" but there are no staples. Anyway. We immediately bundled everything up and FedEx'd to the Agency and at 9:29 AM PST today..... It was delivered. Our agency officially has our Dossier and is prepping it for delivery. HOPEFULLY, we did not screw anything up and they will be able to send the Dossier with the pack that goes out on the 15th.... June 15th. That will be our day. DTC Baby!!!!!!


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