Friday, September 08, 2006

Our Backyard

So, in the never ending battle to get the house ready for a child, we have decided to tackle the backyard... A little history. We moved into this house about 2 years ago, from a house around the corner. We rent from a GREAT landlord who keeps the rent cheap as long as we take care of the place and pay the rent on time. Well, the house we are in now, had a famiily in it that tore the place apart. They had a huge pitbull in the backyard that they used for fighting.. It was so sad. We reported them a few times, but without proof they wouldn't do anything about it. They also used the backyard to grow marijuana... They had rows of corn, and in between the rows of corn were rows of marijuana... NICE neighbors.. We finally convinced the landlord to evict them and then moved in ourselves. We completely redid the entire inside of the house, part of the deal we made for the rent. The backyard was mostly dirt, with some nasty grass towards the back. We spent about a year, wanting to do something about it, but never got around to it. Finally about 8 months ago, I decided it was time, so I went in the back and used round up to kill all the grass. Did that a few times over a couple of weeks, and then used a sod cutter to get all the grass out. SO then I had this completely dirt yard. much better.. LOL The I marked off where I wanted to put the patio, got a shovel and dug a 4" deep 15 X 15 foot area for the patio.. WOW. I am not designed for this type of work.. LOL Well, then work picked up and other stuff got in the way and I just couldn't get to the yard. About a month later the backyard was all weeds. Then a month after that the yard was weeds that are taller then I am. The dogs would run back in to the yard and just disappear. It was hilarious. We would just see the weeds rustling where they were running around. I am sure they loved it, but what we didn't love were the fleas.. They were infested quick, so I had to deal with it. So I got a weedwacker and went after the weeds. It was great. I looked like the Terminator with that huge gun that shoots about 1000 bullets a second... 5 hours later, you could see the backyard again.. So another few weeks went by and I started talking to a friend of mine who does landscaping. He says, "alright, were doing this. Get your stuff together and this weeked we are hitting it.". So over the next month we got the rest of the weeds out , took out the old cement slab (a 6 x 6 2" slab that was just poured on top of the ground. I lifted it up and hit it with a sledge and it broke into about 30 peices..). I borrowed a tiller from a friend of mine and we tilled the ground up and put down some top soil, and then tilled that into the ground. At that point we had a great area for the sod to go down on, but first we needed to put sprinklers in. So in 4 hours we trenched the area and laid all the pvc pipe and 9 sprinkler heads connected to two valves. In the front main section we have 4 sprinklers that shoot about 20 feet. They are in the corners and cover the whole front section of the yard. Then in the back corner we have 5 heads that cover that section. The patio area is not touched... so cool.. We could actually sit on the patio with the sprinklers going without getting wet at all. ( I imagine hot summer days, me sitting on the patio under the canopy drinking a beer, while my little girl runs in circles playing in the sprinklers... ahhh the good life.) In my next post, I will tell you all about the nightmare that is ordering pavers from Lowes online....


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